Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Voice From Prison Inmates

Voice From Prison Inmates

Here are just few samples showing how interested the prison inmates are in receiving correspondence especially related to spiritual matter..

"I have been interested in Buddhism.. Now from your books and teachings, I'd like to know more about Krishna.. Please help me by sending whatever you think that will help me.." - Shelly Keeney

"How do I receive a devotee name so that I can feel truly part of the pure bhakti yoga movement? How do I, and can I receive initiation while I am in prison? How do I explain the meaning of the maha-mantra to my fellow inmates?.." - Stanley Lingenfelter

"Thank you for mailing me the nice books. It is so good to know about incarnation and mainly about Krishna..." - Manuel Guittierrez

'Thank you for the holiday greeting card.. I am still unable to receive books. I have read about Siddha Yoga, and like to know more about Krishna" - Mark Walsh

"First, I want to say thanks to the books. I received 3 books and the 'Govinda Lila' and all are jewels.My remembering KRSNA throughout the day as wells as early in the morning and before bed has increased dramatically..-Alan

'Salam! My background is that I am a Muslim. But I am very interested in receiving books and letter about Krishna consciousness. I refuse to give up hope." - Abdullah ibn Muzzamil Al-nafi

"I have interest in communicating more about spiritual life. I am very open to spirituality ... I have a lot of questions and need help.." - Jessica Smith

"I consider only you all as my real FAMILY..Thank you for the cute holiday greeting card.It is great to hear from you and receive books..Sincerely a friend, brother and family.." - James McIntosh

"Thank you for your letter and invitation to participate in vedic Studies with your group. I am looking forward and my goal is to grow in Krishna Prema and bhakti and our merciful lord is supplying me with that opportunity.." - Gary Winters

".. I have many questions and desperate in looking for answers.. Thank you for your letters and books.." - Eric D. Wells

".. Sending my continuous love and gratitude.. Smile..I bow to all your auspiciousness and I am so much indebted to your love and support.. Just please continue to write to me.. hearing from you guys makes my life meaningful now in prison.. - Satya Krishna Dasa

"I enjoyed reading Bhagavad Gita that you sent to me. I never knew that there is so much in it.." -Brent Ince

... and many more...
Here is a Poem from a Prison Imate!
How can my love for you, O Lord 
Grow and not consume me? 
My heart, my soul, have become 
Inflamed, burnt by passion. 

There is no room for another
You, O Lord, are my everything
I surrender to You, and beg 
Please! Let the fires 
Of Your love consume me. 

I have given my heart to Krsna 
Laying everything else aside 
Body, mind, and speech, I serve Him. 
Accepting only what he provides

He is my keeper, my light 
My lover and king 
Every moment of my life 
Krsnaƕs praises I shall sing 

All glories to You, O Syama!
All opulent and supreme
All glories to You
My eternal Lord and King.